Paint you through the music

Music helps to go back in time. Art gives an opportunity to capture emotions you have experienced. You share with me your playlist and I reveal your feelings on canvas.
  • Unique self-expression

    The emotions of listening to your playlist are reframed into visuals on canvas that manifest you.
  • Capture a special moment

    We are changing, but there are moments we want to capture. Fix them and be inspired for new adventures.
  • Creative personalized gift

    A painting based on your significant other's playlist will be a memorable and personalized gift. Express your emotions in a way you have never done before.

Mari's artwork is a reflection that she had started with herself. The first painting has been drawing in a challenging period of her life. She was listening to music and painting images that popped up in her head. It was her special moment when artist showed her feeling up.

The meanings people put into music inspire Mari. However, we are often ashamed to share a playlist as well as our emotions. So her mission is to give an opportunity to manifest. Mari want to illustrate how beautiful feelings are, using bright vibrant colors and visuals, and how important it is to express them.
My paintings are about people and the emotions they hold within
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Based in Germany, Düsseldorf